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Visiting Ex-Student Praises Holy Cross International College for Innovations

Janelle A. Boyo, speaking to the school media

Janelle A. Boyo, a former student of Holy Cross International College (HCIC), has commended the institution for the numerous changes and innovations it has implemented to positively impact the lives of students.

Janelle expressed her sentiments on Sunday, January 7, while accompanying her younger brother to the school as the school welcomed students for the second term of the 2023/2024 Academic Year.

When asked about her feelings five years after leaving the institution, she nostalgically noted that many things have changed, creating a different and conducive learning environment.

Janelle shared, “Today, I’m here to drop off my younger brother. I feel a strong sense of nostalgia as we revisit the school and encounter many teachers whom we haven’t seen in a long time. It’s heartening to witness how we have progressed in our lives and return to see that everything has also moved forward. A lot of things have changed, and it looks very impressive. The construction of a new chapel, separate from the refectory, is a notable development.”

Students arriving at HCIC

Janelle further praised Holy Cross International College for excelling, and she takes pride in that. She mentioned, “I have been assisting my brother with his studies at home, and it is evident that they are providing him with quality education. I believe that with more focus and dedication, he will thrive. I have had conversations with several teachers today, and they have assured me that everything is progressing well, which I trust.”

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