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This term, I have to focus well on my Studies – Miracle Abung

Miracle Nji Abung – Prime Minister of HCIC talking to the School Media

Miracle Nji Abung, the Prime Minister of Holy Cross International College, has returned from a two-week break with a renewed determination to focus on her studies.

She expressed this commitment on Sunday, January 7, as HCIC commenced the second term of the 2023/2024 Academic Year.

While feeling a tinge of sadness for leaving her parents behind, Miracle sees her return to school as an opportunity to make them proud through hard work.

Miracle shared her mixed emotions, stating, “Coming back after a two-week break brings about conflicting feelings. I cannot say I am happy to leave my parents behind at home, but returning to school reassures me that I will make them proud. I am dedicated to working hard. This term holds many responsibilities for me, and I intend to excel in all of them.”

She emphasized that her primary focusses this term is to prioritize her education and set aside any distractions in order to achieve excellent grades in her GCE Advanced Level exams.

School officials accompanying Students

In a message to the student body, Miracle encouraged her peers to enjoy their time at HCIC while maintaining discipline and fulfilling their obligations promptly. She believes that by doing so, success will naturally follow.

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