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About Us

Holy Cross International College (HCIC) is a top International, Anglo-Saxon styled co-educational boarding and high school facilities, located in Yaounde, precisely in Akok, 5km from Nkoabang junction on the Yaounde-Bertoua road.

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Our motto translates into our vision; Education for life and leadership. “Non Scolae Sed Vitae Discimus” Not for school but for life do we learn. By means of a broad-based and skill-oriented Anglo-Saxon education, HCIC targets the intellectual, moral and social development of students in view ot thier


“Manners maketh a man” says Plato. Therefore, right will always remain right and wrong, wrong. Discipline and respect for success which comes not from watching things happen, or wondering why they happen, but by making things happen. The school rules and regulations embody our code of conduct by which each student must abide.


HCIC aims at attaining academic excellence, moral rectitude and a balanced personality of its students through Assiduity, Discipline and Responsibility. We strive to inspire in our students a passion for learning and a reading culture that will broaden their minds and prepare them for active citizenship.


Students of Holy Cross enjoy supervised on campus boarding , spacious Classroms, limited intake, modern library, refectory, delicious and well planed meals, well designed sporting arenas, a computer laboratory. A good number of staf live on campus to ensure close monitoring of the students

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