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Stay Focus On Your Dream And Never To Give Up – Emmanuel Buban Ngu

The Proprietor of Holy Cross International College, HCIC Yaounde, Emmanuel Buban Ngu has called on graduating students in High School to stay focus on their dreams and never to give up as they open a new chapter in their educational carrier.

Emmanuel Buban Ngu, Proprietor of HCIC

Emmanuel Buban Ngu made the call on May 18 in Yaounde during the 11th graduation ceremony for the National Section and the first ceremony for the International Section.

“Above all,” Mr. Ngu advised, “remember to stay focused on your dreams and never give up. Let your passion guide your path forward, and let hard work and discipline be your companions.”

He acknowledged the challenges graduates will face as they transition to greater independence. “The road ahead may be challenging,” he said, “as you navigate choices concerning freedom, movement, and association. Remember, with every action comes a great deal of responsibility.”

Mr. Ngu encouraged graduates to find strength in God during difficult times. “It may be daunting to realize you are on your own, making your own choices,” he said. “But remember, in times of difficulty, turn to God for guidance and success in your endeavors.”

Emmanuel Buban Ngu handing High School Certificates to a student

Looking towards the future of HCIC, Buban Ngu highlighted ongoing development projects. “The Football Academy is progressing steadily,” he announced, “and for the primary school project, we are still working our strategies.”

He stressed HCIC’s unwavering commitment to education. “Our core objective remains the same: to provide a holistic education that emphasizes academic excellence, discipline, and moral rectitude.”

HCIC is a co-educational boarding Anglo-Saxon Catholic-styled college situated on over seven hectares of land along the Yaoundé-Akonolinga Trans-African highway, five km from the Nkoabang junction.

Graduating students pose for a family picture with officials

The college operates a national section that prepares students for the Cameroon GCE and an International Section that functions as a British Council Pipeline School, preparing students for Cambridge International Exams. Additionally, the school offers preparation for SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL examinations.

The school’s vision is to provide a broad-based Anglo-Saxon education focused on comprehensive knowledge, academic excellence, wisdom, global citizenship, service, and multifunctional leadership.

Regarding the college culture, HCIC upholds values such as order, self-discipline, and team spirit, which distinguish its students among peers from other schools. These values shape students’ attitudes, enhance their judgment, and build their personalities, fostering a conducive environment for teaching and learning.

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