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HCIC Graduates Encouraged To Champion Love, Discipline & Academic Achievement

Graduating students from Holy Cross International College Yaounde have been encouraged to embrace love, discipline, godliness, and academic excellence as they embark on the next chapter of their academic journey.

Dr. Julia Buban Ngu, Head of School

The call was made by Dr. Julia Buban Ngu, Head of School during the 11th graduation ceremony for the National Section and the first ceremony for the International Section, held on May 18th in Yaounde.

“We are incredibly proud of you, our graduates,” Dr. Ngu said. “Your success is inevitable because we know the caliber of individuals you are. We challenge you to become shining ambassadors of HCIC, radiating the knowledge and values you have acquired here. Be champions of love, discipline, godliness, and academic excellence as you venture into the world.”

Dr. Julia also expressed her appreciation for the unwavering dedication of the parents. “We recognize the immense sacrifices you have made for your children’s education,” she stated. “Your unwavering support has been instrumental in their success. As we prepare to send them home for a three-month holiday, we urge you to continue your close monitoring, guidance, and support.”

Dr. Julia emphasized the unique approach to education offered by HCIC. “We are a special institution that pays meticulous attention to every detail in a student’s development – physical, intellectual, and moral,” she explained.

Dr. Julia Buban Ngu, handing prizes to best students

“We believe in fostering discipline, persistence, and strong moral values.  We instill in our learners integrity, a focus on cleanliness, sound minds and morals, confidence, self-reflection, engagement, and a spirit of innovation and responsibility. We continuously strive to break our own records and help students surpass their own expectations.”

Dr. Julia also highlighted the school’s commitment to ongoing teacher development. “The proprietor, Emmanuel Buban Ngu, is dedicated to providing our teachers with exceptional training opportunities,” she said. “This ensures that our educators are responsible, responsive, respectful, and self-disciplined, enabling them to nurture reflective, responsible, innovative, confident, and engaged learners.”

HCIC is a co-educational boarding Anglo-Saxon Catholic-styled college situated on over seven hectares of land along the Yaoundé-Akonolinga Trans-African highway, five km from the Nkoabang junction.

Graduating Students in their graduation robes

The college operates a national section that prepares students for the Cameroon GCE and an International Section that functions as a British Council Pipeline School, preparing students for Cambridge International Exams. Additionally, the school offers preparation for SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL examinations.

The school’s vision is to provide a broad-based Anglo-Saxon education focused on comprehensive knowledge, academic excellence, wisdom, global citizenship, service, and multifunctional leadership.

Regarding the college culture, HCIC upholds values such as order, self-discipline, and team spirit, which distinguish its students among peers from other schools. These values shape students’ attitudes, enhance their judgment, and build their personalities, fostering a conducive environment for teaching and learning.

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