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Parents Advised To Maintain Dialogue With Their Children

Parents Advised To Maintain Dialogue With Their Children

The Vice PTA President of Holy Cross International College (HCIC) in Yaounde, Linidolf Che Ndongnyam, has appealed to parents to maintain a constant dialogue with their children.

Che Ndongnyam made this statement on February 17 at the school campus during the 2024 annual PTA General Assembly meeting.

“…Equally I wish to appeal to all of us parents to always dialogue with our children in this fast-changing world of the internet and all other social media-related issues. It is relevant to always know what they watch, those they visit and communicate with, and keep track of their movements.”

This way, we will be contributing our small quota in helping our kids and the school attain its moral objectives. Education in its entity does not only focus on academic excellence to build a better society but equally relies more impressively on its great moral values,” he said.

He mentioned that the school administration presented two projects to them for evaluation. Regarding the Video Surveillance Cameras, he explained that this was a requirement from the GCE Board, stating that all examination rooms must have these cameras installed.

Additionally, he mentioned another project involving the procurement of solar street lights for the school, which would significantly improve security measures.

With these projects already earmarked I implore every one of us who has not yet paid the PTA levy of fifteen thousand francs to do so to make these important projects see the light of day,” he said.

In the meantime, the Vice President expressed concern over the persistent issue of indiscipline among students but commended the school management for their continuous efforts to eradicate this behavior.

Brutality was a very glaring aspect of misconduct that was recurrent, which led to the dismissal of three students i.e one in lower sixth and two in upper sixth (all girls),” he said.

In terms of health, the Vice President stated that the executive bureau of the PTA was highly pleased with the health measures implemented by the school management to ensure optimal health coverage for our children. He highlighted the positive impact of having a medical doctor and nurses always available on campus, which has led to a significant decrease in health-related issues.

In addition to expressing gratitude to the teachers and administration for their outstanding work, he praised the school’s collaboration in establishing a sports academy on the HCIC campus.

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