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We Would Exclude/Expel Students Who Do Not Comply With The School Rules And Regulations – Emmanuel Buban Ngu

We Would Exclude/Expel Students Who Do Not Comply With The School Rules And RegulationsEmmanuel Buban Ngu

The Proprietor of Holy Cross International College (HCIC) Yaounde, Emmanuel Buban Ngu, has said, that to maintain discipline, any student who does not comply with the rules and regulations of the institution will face exclusion or expulsion.

Emmanuel Buban Ngu made the statement on February 17 during the 2023/2024 Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting held on the school campus.

The proprietor said, “…We had a vision that academic excellence, leadership, discipline, cleanliness, and moral rectitude would be the guideposts for success in an environment of love and caring for each other.”

He added, “While we could guarantee that academics, leadership, and cleanliness made us proud, brutality once again showed up its ugly head. It was multifunctional and coming from students and teachers whom we hardly expected. As a result, disciplinary sanctions were meted out and three students had to be expelled by the disciplinary council.”

Besides congratulating the Administration for acting wisely and timely to bring the whole school to normal functioning, he warned that such incidents should not repeat themselves.

As I have earlier mentioned in previous meetings, we are not interested in quantity but in quality and would exclude/expel students who do not comply with the school rules and regulations. I must remind parents that this is a catholic educational institution administered with the highest levels of standards and functioning. Like our leadership coach mentioned it is not an ASHUABI school,” Emmanuel Buban Ngu said.

He also expressed gratitude to parents and donors for their valuable contributions towards the success of the school. He specifically acknowledged parents who have provided advice, guidance, and financial support for the construction of the school Chapel project.

Regarding the school’s development plans, the Proprietor took the opportunity to announce to parents about ongoing partnership discussions to establish a football academy within the institution. He mentioned that this initiative would enable the school to engage with the broader world and offer opportunities to better equip young students for the significant challenges that lie ahead in their future.

We are in the preliminary stages and hope everything will work well. We are also planning with the PTA to install adequate lighting in the campus so that Holy Cross International College will be at another level,” he said.

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