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Holy Cross International College Celebrates Feast of Christ, The King

Students attending Mass Service

On November 26, the Holy Cross International College family came together to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. The day was marked with a mass, which served as a reminder to students and staff that Jesus Christ is not only the King of humanity but also of the entire Universe.

The significance of this feast goes beyond Christ’s role in governing the Universe and humanity. It serves as a reminder that for Christ to truly reign as King, He must govern each and every soul. Jesus is not just the Savior of mankind; He is also the ultimate model of Christian living.

During the celebrations, Christians were reminded that we should follow the will of the Father in Heaven. God’s governance of our lives necessitates complete obedience to His commands, as His commands are perfect, true, and lead us to the fulfillment of human life. It is only through Christ that we can find true peace, unity, harmony, and a sense of purpose.

As we rejoice in the splendor of this solemn occasion, which also marks the last Sunday of the Church’s liturgical year, let us deepen our faith in the mystery it commemorates. Let us strengthen our resolve to embrace the Kingship of Christ in our lives, so that through us, His Kingdom will become ever more present in the world around us.

May the celebration of the Feast of Christ the King inspire us to live our lives in accordance with His teachings and exemplify His love and compassion to others. Let us strive to be true ambassadors of Christ’s Kingdom, bringing His light and grace to all those we encounter.

Together, as a community, let us honor and glorify Christ the King, who reigns not only in Heaven but also in our hearts and in the world.

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