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2023 Proprietor’s Cup: Students Urged To Exercise Spirit Of Fair Play, Win Honestly

Emmanuel Buban Ngu – Proprietor of HCIC

Students of Holy Cross International College (HCIC) in Yaounde have been urged to embrace the spirit of fair play as the 2023 edition of the Proprietor’s Cup kicks off.

The call was made on December 10, 2023, by Emmanuel Buban Ngu, the Proprietor of HCIC, during the official launch of the tournament.

Present at the event were the college Mother, Head of School, and the administration.

Speaking during the opening speech, Emmanuel Buban Ngu congratulated the organizing committee for their excellent work in putting up this remarkable display of talent.

He emphasized the importance of competition and highlighted that victory should be achieved through honest means and fair play.

Students singing School Anthem as the 2023 Proprietor’s Cup Kicks Off

He also expressed gratitude to the administration for their contributions and commended the students for their conduct so far. Additionally, he encouraged the students to return from the holidays with fresh ideas.

The opening ceremony featured an inaugural basketball match between the National Section and the Cambridge International Section. A total of 10 teams will be participating in the football, handball, and basketball disciplines, with the competition scheduled to conclude on December 13.

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