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Students Urged To Bear The Culture Of Loving God, One Another

Students of Holy Cross International College (HCIC) in Yaounde have been urged to embrace the culture of loving God and one another as they celebrate their school’s Cultural Day.

Students attending a service before activities of the Cultural day

The students were urged on March 23 on the school campus by Father Jude Okechukou OCD. This was during the second edition of the school Cultural Day.

Drawing inspiration from Ezekiel 37:21-28 and John 11:45-56, Father Okechukou, in his homily, encouraged the students to cherish their cultural heritage as they navigate through their academic journey.

“The message revolves around embracing our cultural roots and revitalizing the diverse cultures that the students come from. It is essential for them to appreciate and love their culture while pursuing their academic endeavors and incorporating it into their daily lives at school,” Father Okechukou emphasized.

He further stated, “This is what sets them apart. They are not just individuals passing through; they are grounded in their identities. Even Jesus himself exemplified the culture of loving God and one another, which is the essence of today’s message – that they should carry this love beyond the school walls into their interactions within the community.”

Father Okechukou also urged the students to promote values such as love, dignity, unity, excellence, and honor among their peers. “Advocate for a culture of unity, progress, joy, respect for authority, responsible use of technology, and the importance of standing together as Africans,” he added.

The second Cultural Day celebrations were held at the HCIC Chapel, currently under construction. Both the school and parents have actively contributed to the building of this house of worship, symbolizing their shared commitment to faith and community.

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