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At HCIC Cultural Day: Students Pledged to Promote Cameroon’s Rich Diverse Culture

Students of Holy Cross International College (HCIC) have pledged to promote their culture. The commitment was made on March 23rd in the school campus as they celebrated the second edition of Cultural Day.

Student showcasing the rich culture of Cameroon through cultural dance

Through various dance groups representing different Cameroonian cultural zones, students enthralled their parents and guardians who attended the celebration.

In addition to expressing themselves in their respective mother tongues, students also enjoyed their local cuisine prepared for them by their parents.

“I am very happy to have been a part of this day. It is a significant day for me as I have learned so much about my culture and others,” a student said.

Another student shared, “Although I was not born in Cameroon, I am delighted to participate in this cultural day. I have gained valuable insights and developed a love for my country. Culture is enriching, and I am eager to promote it.”

Holy Cross International College Celebrates the 2nd Edition of Cultural Day
School officials, invited guests and parents celebrating the culture of Cameroon


Different dance groups invited to the event helped educate the students about their culture through captivating dance routines and melodies.

The school administration’s objective for the cultural day is to enlighten children about the significance of their culture and remind them of their responsibility to pass it on to the next generation.

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