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We must Make Sure Our Kids Grow Up Being Truthful & Respectful – Emmanuel Buban Ngu

Proprietor Holy Cross International College – Emmanuel Ngu Buban


Emmanuel Buban Ngu remarked Yaounde on February 19 during the Annual General Assembly of the Parent-Teacher Association meeting.

Held in the school campus, the Proprietor besides reminding parents of their responsibilities and duties said, as parents, children look up to them as the most ideal role models.

“…My dear parents, may I remind you that educating and bringing up your children is a very high responsibility for which we need to follow up seriously. First of all, as parents, your children look up to you like the most ideal role models.”

“They want to be like you, behave like you, and would want to imitate all the good and bad things they experience at home. That is why I have often said that mangoes do not produce oranges and the sweet fruit does not fall too far from the main tree.”

“We must make sure our kids grow up being truthful, respectful, loving, and considerate because they have experienced these notions at home and can only react consequently,” Emmanuel Buban Ngu.


He added, “Show your love by being disciplined and strife at encouraging them to do most things on their own like cleaning, cooking and helping each other and being there for the needy. That way they will live to appreciate you as the parents who kept them on the road to success.”

Earlier, the School Proprietor congratulated parents, students, the administration for the wonderful results obtained both at 2021 Ordinary, and Advanced levels Examinations. He said the results were a reflection of the concerted effort deployed by the students, the staff, and the administration. “Working as a team success can crown our efforts.”


He frowned at the disciplinary situation of the school indicating that since the institution, this academic year has been, the most challenging with the disciplinary issues were such that a Saint would fear to walk on these grounds.

“…We have also enunciated that our core values reflect our mission essentially to underline the need for strict discipline, cleanliness, and academic excellence. I am very happy to state that despite the pressures and the challenges, we were still able to remain in control in the process of panel beating most of these students.”

“Some students who were so hardened and undisciplined were asked to leave our community for the good of all the other students. We will continue to purge and remove recalcitrant students with characters unbecoming of students of Holy Cross International College,” he added.

Talking about school infrastructures, the proprietor announced that, all the studies have been completed to start building the befitting chapel that the school deserves.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the infrastructural needs of this school have been overwhelming. We intended to build a chapel befitting this Catholic Institution. Unfortunately, too many financial urgencies (Cambridge school with its exigencies) made it difficult for us to start this noble project.”


“I am happy to mention here that all the studies have been completed to start a chapel. We will be calling on the goodwill of parents and our supporters to help us raise the necessary funds to build something good for God. We thank God that we have the will to positively impact our community. Therefore, those who share our dreams, you are welcome to join us realize this noble work of God,” he said

                                                                                                                                                        By Etienne Mainimo

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