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Teachers Are Very Collaborative And Helping Us To Adapt Fast – Ashley Binfon

Teachers Are Very Collaborative And Helping Us To Adapt Fast

Ashley Binfon, an upper sixth science student at Holy Cross International College, HCIC Yaounde says, the beginning of the 2021/2022 Academic Year has started successfully with teachers being very collaborative.

She made the statement on September 20 in the school campus in an interview, a week after the school year began in Cameroon. According to Ashley, the collaborative nature between teachers and students is a clear indication that this academic year will be a remarkable one.

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Good morning and thanks for talking to the school media. Who is Ashley Binfon?

My name is Ashley Binfon, a student at Holy Cross International College, HCIC Yaounde, the best school so far in the country. I am an Upper Sixth student in the Science Section and consequently will be writing my GCE Advanced Level at the end of the academic year.

What can you say concerning the beginning of this school year at HCIC?

The school year began quite well but with a little bit of confusion, because I was in a new class, and more to that, it is Upper Sixth. It is difficult but not difficult because I am gradually overcoming it.

What is more remarkable about this school year at HCIC?

A lot of things marked this academic year in this school but one thing that has caught my attention is the fact that teachers are very collaborative and helping us to adapt fast. Remember that we are just coming from a long vacation.

Apart from that, studies have been going on well and I have learned a lot. When we have difficulties and meet our teachers after, they are still ready to help us. Everything is going well.

What is your target this Academic Year as a final student?

This year by the grace of God, I am targeting to have more points in my exams at least 22 points. Also, I am planning of leaving this school with a remarkable image since I have been here for seven years. I want to leave a good image on students and teachers so that I can be remembered in a very good way.

What advice do you have for your friends?

Let us all respect the school rules and regulations and collaborate with the administration and teachers and HCIC will remain a nice place to stay.

Interviewed by Etienne Mainimo

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