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Parents Held HCIC For 2021 Brilliant Results

Parents Held HCIC For 2021 Brilliant Results

Parents of Holy Cross International College Yaounde through the Parent-Teacher Association President, Peter Ewane have held the institution of the remarkable and brilliant results recorded in the 2020/2021 end-of-year results.

Mr. Peter Ewane, PTA President HCIC 2021/2022

Speaking on February 19th in Yaounde during the 2022 Annual General Meeting held on the school campus, Peter Ewane said, “The PTA, through my voice, would like to commend the management and staff of Holy Cross International for their relentless efforts in providing a holistic education to our children.”

“We thank the Principal, Sister Constance, and her entire team for the academic excellence and discipline, leading to the wonderful results obtained in the various official examinations. Last year again, they made us proud with their overall brilliant performance. We thank them all for a job well done and, like Oliver Twist, we are asking for more,” Peter Ewane said.

He also used the opportunity to thank Father Gordon and his entire team for the spiritual and moral dimension of their education of the children. “We understand how important it is to bring them up in the fear of the Lord. We don’t take it for granted.”

He added, “In as much as we are happy with the overall bright picture and the positive things we can enumerate, there is a rather dark side of the story. The PTA Executive has learned of things that we, as parents, would not like to hear. Yet, this concerns our children.


“There have been recurrent acts of indiscipline, which we have always decried. I won’t go into details here, for the school administration will dwell on that. It is a very deplorable situation, unworthy of this prestigious institution.”

“Fortunately, the school administration is handling the matter with a lot of tact, though the decisions taken are not always pleasing to parents whose children are involved. Understandably, so, owing to the sacrifice we make to have our children here,” he added.

In all of these, the PTA president appealed to parents to play their role as first-line educators of our children. “The school is not a dumping ground for children that we cannot handle at home; it can only help to mold the character traits which we, the parents, have nurtured in our children from their very tender age. As parents, we need to be more observant of our children at home, even as we look up to the college administration to discipline them. That too is our responsibility.”

Pointing out the PTA executive is doing their best to monitor the wellbeing of the children on campus, Peter Ewane said, “the PTA executed or contributed in executing the projects chosen for last year, namely providing running water for the boy’s dormitory.”

“This was done through the purchase and installation of a new water pump to replace the old one that had gone bad. Part of the money collected was used to purchase reagents for the science laboratory, and another to motivate teachers, as we had agreed.”

In addition, he invited parents to make goodwill gestures toward the college, as usual, especially as the normal monthly Sunday mass during which parents used to contribute for teachers’ incentives has been canceled, for practical reasons.

By Etienne Mainimo

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