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2023 Teacher’s Day: HCIC Teachers, Nurturing Leaders & Ensuring Dreams Survive

In the halls of Holy Cross, where knowledge thrives, Dedicated teachers, shaping young lives. With hearts ablaze, they selflessly impart, guiding students on a journey, infused with art.

This year, we celebrate a theme so grand, “The teachers we need, a global demand.” For education’s sake, we must reverse, The shortage of teachers, a global curse.

In a world where knowledge is a precious gift, Holy Cross teachers uplift and uplift. They answer the call, with unwavering grace, to fill the void, and illuminate each space.

The education we want, they tirelessly seek, Preparing students for a future unique. They rise to the challenge, with passion untold, nurturing minds, making dreams unfold.

As leaders of tomorrow, they will aspire, to shape a world that’s fair and inspire. The teachers we need, they stand tall and strong, in classrooms, they belong, where dreams belong.

With each lesson taught, a legacy they sow, creating ripples of change, as they bestow, the gift of knowledge, the power to learn, to generations, their wisdom they discern.

Oh, teachers of Holy Cross, you’re the beacon bright, Guiding students towards a future so bright. Amidst the shortage, you shine ever true, Meeting the global imperative, and breakthrough.

For the education we want, you pave the way, no shortage can hinder your spirit’s sway. With dedication unmatched, you persevere, In shaping minds, year after year.

So let us honor these heroes of our time, For their commitment to education’s climb. The teachers we need, they’re here to stay, Preparing students for a brighter day.

In Holy Cross International College, they thrive, nurturing leaders, ensuring dreams survive. With gratitude in our hearts, we stand in awe, To the teachers we need, we say, bravo!

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