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2023 Proprietor’s Cup: Cynthia Essindi Expresses Hope For Fair Play In Proprietor’s Cup

Cynthia Essindi Bidjo, Assistant Minister of Sports at HCIC

Cynthia Essindi Bidjo, Assistant Minister of Sports at (HCIC) in Yaounde, has expressed her optimism that fair play will prevail in the 2023 edition of the Proprietor’s Cup.

She shared her thoughts during the launching ceremony of the competition on December 10. Cynthia emphasized that, in addition to fair play, the values of love, unity, and togetherness should be the guiding principles throughout the games.

“I am excited that the games are commencing, providing us with an opportunity to promote unity. I sincerely hope that as students compete in the various disciplines, they will have fun, show love to one another, exhibit excellent sportsmanship, and prioritize fair play,” Cynthia stated.

The opening ceremony featured an inaugural basketball match between the National Section and the Cambridge International Section. A total of 10 teams from football, handball, and basketball disciplines are participating in the competition, which is scheduled to conclude on December 13.

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