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There Is Immerse Possibilities For Students And UK To Make A Huge Difference Here – British Council Official

Keshav Screedharan, British Council Regional Examination Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, says there are immense possibilities for students and the UK to make a difference in the country.

Keshav Screedharan speaking during the visit

Keshav Screedharan made this statement on March 18 in Yaounde during his first official visit to Cameroon. Accompanied by Caroline Ndifor, British Council Country Lead, he also visited Cambridge partner schools, including Holy Cross International College (HCIC) in Yaounde, among others.

Reflecting on the last 15 years of his career, he expressed that he had never received such a warm welcome before. He had often dreamt of experiencing Cameroonian hospitality but felt it live and he is genuinely humbled by the reception.

“It’s been excellent, and it highlights the huge potential the country holds for the future. Cameroon is a very important country for us. It is precious in the sense that there are immense possibilities for students and the UK to make a significant impact here,” he said.

He mentioned that Cameroon is one of the fastest-growing student entries for them, and this visit marks the first of many to come.

“Cameroon is a young country eager to achieve and secure its place in the global spotlight. We are delighted to make a small contribution to this journey by nurturing young minds and providing them with the best qualifications through our schools,” he added.

Keshav Screedharan and school officials pose for a family picture

Speaking to the press, Caroline Ndifor noted, “I appreciate the school’s efforts in empowering the girl child to excel, particularly in the field of sciences. In Cambridge, we emphasize STEM education, which aligns with the government’s agenda.”

During the visit to HCIC, both the visiting Cambridge official and the school administration engaged in a profound discussion on the challenges faced and proposed solutions for an effective teaching and learning process.

Keshav Screedharan also had a tour of the school. With 15 years of experience at the British Council and currently overseeing 19 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Keshav Screedharan plays a significant role in shaping education in the region.

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