The Proprietor of Holy Cross International College – Yaounde Urges Graduating Students To Be Respectful and Truthful

The Proprietor of Holy Cross International College – Yaounde Urges Graduating Students To Be Respectful and Truthful

Emmanuel Buban Ngu made the call on May 29 during the graduation ceremony that took place on the school campus.

According to Buban Ngu, respect, truth and a strict moral engagement in all their works will ensure a human being worthy of trust and empathy.

He added that besides being dignified ambassadors of HCIC, graduating students should put their trust in God and work diligently. This, he continued will always make them succeed.

“…Academic knowledge is always important to separate the sheep from the goats and whether you like it or not, it is one of measuring tools of success and of course do not forget your connection with God. He is the Almighty and can do and undo. If you put your trust in God and work diligently you will always succeed.”

“God is always there for us and I can attest to the various miracles that have battered my life. Therefore, I entreat you to be the dignified ambassadors of HCIC so that you can carry our message far and wide. Of course, you cannot neglect the moral aspects, of a true Christian. Respect, truth, and a strict moral engagement, in all your works, will ensure a human being worthy of trust and empathy,” Buban Ngu said.

While congratulating and wishing them God’s blessing and success, he stated that “graduation may appear to be the end of a career as a student but I can guarantee you it is just the beginning. You will soon experience the freedom of choice, the freedom of no school, no teachers, no follow up, and others.”

“But let me remind you, that your passage here is to prepare you for the future that you want to have. Discipline is not a stop-and-go business. It will follow you the rest of your lives and it will be an essential part of your life and will determine essentially your failure or success in the business of life,” he said.

To the laureates, who earned symbolic prizes during the graduation, he encouraged them and called for more hard work.

“May this gesture inspire all the students to increase their efforts so that their success will be our success; the parents; students and the Administration,” he added.

He announced that “the Cambridge School System will soon be a reality in Holy Cross International College. As I said earlier, I am not competent enough to talk about it but I can assure you that all the promises about Cambridge System are justified.”

In addition, he recognized the tremendous work done by the Administration and congratulated them for the herculean work done.  In other to instill more discipline in the school, he said, the school administration will be reinforced with the effective presence of Dr. Julia Buban Ngu who will be more present to ensure discipline, moral rectitude, and academic excellence.

Besides all, he thanked parents who supported the administration by giving them a new meaning of collaboration.

“I want to publicly congratulate those parents that joined us in solving one of the delicate issues concerning brutalities in school and hope that their new spirit of cooperation and understanding will open new avenues with the school. Congratulation,” he said.

By Etienne Mengnjo

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