THE BEST IS YET TO COME by The Proprietor – HCIC Yaounde

THE BEST IS YET TO COME by The Proprietor – HCIC Yaounde


Today marks another milestone in the history of the HCIC Community. Today we are holding another Annual General Meeting of the Parents Teachers Association. I want to extend my sincere thanks to all the parents, for taking time off to be with us to discuss matters regarding the development and welfare of the children. Permit me therefore to thank our chaplain for the wonderful mass and homily that nurtured in us a feeling of purpose and love.

Last year reminded me of COVID-19 and its impact on the lives of our students, parents, and teachers. The pandemic created a new lifestyle and the awareness that life is all ephemeral and vanity of vanities. We lost a lot of our friends and families, both rich and poor, of different races, tribes, and political inclination. The virus fortunately does not discriminate. In spite of all these challenges, we were still able to finish the academic year with the results that you already know. Permit me therefore to congratulate the Administration, the students, and the parents for such an outstanding result in the GCE O & A Levels.

My dear parents, I want to use this occasion to thank you sincerely for choosing Holy Cross as a reference in the education, formation, and character development of your children. I want to assure you that academic excellence is not the only major objective of the school. Our core values of discipline, no brutalities of any kid, oral, verbal, or physical will be tolerated. We have had to take several stringent measures to ensure that the theory and practice are both actionable. We remain committed to the formation and formatting of the students who are recuperable and expunging the toxic and the recalcitrant. In this way, we will concentrate on creating a livable environment devoid of all abuses, moral, drugs, and other offenses
that can traumatize our children and families for a very long time.

My dear parents, ladies, and gentlemen permit me to insist on certain issues. After several years of interacting with our kids in a fast-changing world of the Internet, Instagram, Facebook, etc… I will like to recommend that you, parents, should LOVE your children and show that you care for them. As I have often said the best gift you can give your kids is the best education you can afford. Show them love and follow their personal development. Know their friends and the families they visit and during the holidays keep a close follow-up on their outings, their friends, their peers, and the group they associate with. Keep a close check on their TV viewings and monitor what they watch. A good number of so-called good kids watch TV programs that would shock you.

Ladies and gentlemen, due to the pandemic a lot of our projects had to be scaled down or outright scrapped because of the financial difficulties of parents and the general economy. It has always been our ambition to build a chapel for the school especially as a Christian education is very essential in the set-up of our moral education. We were going to make an official launching last year but due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to wait for a more appropriate time. I would like to announce that we will soon be starting the church project and all people of goodwill could send us their contribution, no matter how small to help in dignifying our Christian education.

I would have loved to talk about the Cambridge School Project but I am not competent enough to talk about it since I am only peripheral. Let me add simply that it is a good project and can only enrich our educational environment. The best is yet to come…

Ladies and gentlemen, let me once more recognize the tremendous work done by the administration especially by Sister Constance and the Sisters of the Holy Union, Father Manfred and Father Gordon who have invested heavily in the discipline and spiritual formation of our students. I would also like to mention Mr. Felix NODAI and Mr. Eric NDI who have tirelessly worked hard to keep HCIC moving ahead.

Finally let me pay a special homage to our College Mother, Dr. Julia BUBAN NGU who has been the driver and motivator for the success of the school. Her tireless and limitless LOVE has been very remarkable. We are extremely grateful for her hard work, commitment, and understanding of the intricacies of running a mixed boarding secondary school. Doctor, accept our sincere thanks.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we carry on with the meeting of the General Assembly may I implore God’s loving mercies to cover our efforts with success and a safe return to our various destinations.

Mr. BUBAN NGU Emmanuel

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