Interview with the Registrar of Holy Cross International College


Interview with the Registrar of Holy Cross International College

Our intention is to keep up the standards we have set – Felix Nodai, School Registrar


The Registrar of Holy Cross International College, HCIC, Nodai Felix says, the institution has become matured and their intention to keep up the standards the school has created. He made the statement recently in an interview while talking to the press. He also said, apart from participating in the Cameroon General Certificate of Education, GCE, the school for three years have been taking part in the Cambridge exams. According to him, the institution is thinking of having a Cambridge section come 2020/2021 Academic Year.
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Journalist: Thank you so much for accepting to talk to us. How is HCIC fairing as far as public exams is concern?

Nodai Felix: Thank you. Before I answer your question, allow me to say that I have been in this school since 2011 and acting as a Registrar. I am also the head trainer of the School Choir and Catechist. From 2011 to 2019, Holy Cross International College (HCIC), have gone a long way and with the type of formation we give our kids, I think the school is moving on a good footing. The school is not only focusing on the intellectual aspect but giving our children holistic education. The school also pays attention to the psychological need of the children because while in school, they are home but far away from home. Our students come from different nationalities and background and it is our intension and objectives that we are able to provide an education for life and leadership, which is equally the motto of our school. In terms of public examination, the school is doing well.

What has been the performance of the school in public examinations?

Over the years, HCIC have been registered very excellent results. Last year, we presented 52 students and all of them succeeded meaning that they score a 100 percent but what strike me much as well as others is not just the percentage registered but also the grades of the students. We had no students with less than six papers and we recorded a student with 33 points in the Ordinary Level Certificate, which is the climax in that exam. Last two years equally, we registered a student with 25 points in the Advance Level meaning that HCIC is no more at the trial stage. I think we are in a maturity state and what we seek to do at this moment is to keep the standard because we have already set a standard and is our intention to keep up those standards.


Apart from participating in the Cameroon GCE, what other public examination do the school compete in?

Apart from participating in the Cameroon GCE, HCIC also prepare children to take the Cambridge exams precisely the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, IGCE, and AS which is the Advance Level subsidiary. You should know that, when students go in for the IGCE and they come out with excellent results like seven A-grades, they are given an ICE, which is International Certificate of Education. With these result, students can be admitted into Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and other universities out there in America. For now, I think I can boost by saying that we have very wonderful kids placed in universities all over the world with the most recent being one of our kid who graduated two years ago in the person of Victor Buban, who has been given a scholarship at Harvard University. That is the product of HCIC.

What does it take for a student to sit in for the Cambridge exams?

First and famous, Cambridge exams in HCIC are optional but all our students go in for the Cameroon GCE. For students who have an international orientation or those who think they may travel out of Cameroon and study elsewhere, we encouraged them to take the Cambridge exams to back up the Cameroon GCE. This is not because we are doubting our own examination but because it has always proven that students who study in Cameroon end up being very powerful in any country. However, with Cambridge exams, you don’t have any issues of certification since they are universally recognized exams. Also, you are able to secure scholarships in different universities. With Cambridge exams, you don’t need to do pre-university education before getting into university studies and for them to take the exams, when they indicate their interest, we follow them up. More to that, they are generally very expensive than our normal GCE because a paper at the Advance Level cost some FCFA 140,000 while a paper at the Ordinary Level cost some FCFA 90,000. So, if a students is going in for more papers, you can know what it takes but we don’t advice children to go in for more papers. If you think, your dream is to be a mathematician, we don’t see what you should be doing with Chemistry or Physics. With this type of exam, the number of subjects do not matter but the grades scored in the subjects are very important. Cambridge also foster holistic method of studies where students are tested based on their individual capabilities. You will be surprise that if both of us are writing the Cambridge exams, we can be taking different exams but the same subjects because your strength and your abilities are different. When we combined all these abilities, we think we are forming children who will end up being wonderful leaders of our beloved country.


What has been the results so far recorded in Cambridge exams?

That is a very interesting question. Last three years, I will tell you that we had to carry 90 students from our school to take the exams in Douala. We had to be there for six weeks writing those exams. We were always shuttling between Yaoundé and Douala because at the same time, we were writing the GCE exams. It was challenging for us in 2017 coupled with the socio-political crisis in our country. In 2018, we still took this exam and you could see an exponential rise in the performance of the students. In 2019, we had one of the best results at the level of the IGCE in Cameroon. The same student who scored thirty-three points at the GCE Ordinary Level scored wonderful result at the Cambridge exams. Now, this is the fourth year we are going in for the exams and we are looking forward in setting a new standard as far as this examination is concern. Teachers are more familiar with the syllables now and this year, we should have even more good results than the past three years. Against next year, we are thinking of having a Cambridge section at HCIC and when we talk about the section, we mean, students who will be doing entirely Cambridge program. Next year, we are going to have a section with different facilities because students do most of the work and this will be done online. So our internet services must be advance to enable the students to study well. Some teaching staff are already in other countries receiving training so that next year, they will be well equipped to start with the section. This will be the only Cambridge boarding school in Cameroon. As a Cambridge boarding school, HCIC will also be thinking of other international exams like the IB Program which is the International Baccalaureate Program. Our goal is to give our students the best.

Interviewed by Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

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