Holy Cross International College (HCIC Yaounde): Interview into Form One Schedule for Saturday, April 24

Holy Cross International College (HCIC Yaounde): Interview into Form One Schedule for Saturday, April 24

Interviews into Form 1 at Holy Cross International College, HCIC, have been scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

According to the school administration, interviews will begin at 9:00 am prompt in the school campus. The Interview is against the 2021/2022 academic.

Details concerning interview process and other formalities can be gotten from the school administration.

Holy Cross International College is a Catholic Boarding Anglo-Saxon mixed school situated 5km from Carrefour Nkoabang in Yaounde.

About HCIC

The college is located on more than 16 hectares of Land along the Yaoundé-Akonolinga Trans-African highway. The college combines traditional and biblical family norms with contemporary classical values in learning to curb.


One of the goals of the institution is to give its students, the academic and personal confidence to succeed beyond the gate and in life. The school does not only educate the mind but also the body and spirit, knowing fully well that a complete person is made of body, soul, and spirit.

The school believes that parents are the primary educators in the formal and informal education of their children. In addition, they also believe that HCIC parents, students, and staff all have a shared responsibility in creating a safe and nurturing community that enables all students to learn.

As such, siblings, guardians, sponsors, grandparents are always welcomed at HCIC to see their children on the recommended days. To encourage the partnership between parents, students, and staff, we work hard to keep communication channels open with our website, emails, and regular updating

While believing in faith action, all HCIC students and their families have opportunities throughout the year to share God’s love with the wider community through acts of charity and compassion. It is truly a blessing to watch children demonstrate a living faith as they experience their love of others through service.

The Vision of the institution is to provide an education for life and leadership within the context of love, sound discipline, Christian values, and Academic Excellence. By means of a broad-based and skill-oriented Anglo-Saxon education, HCIC targets the intellectual, morals and social development of students in view of their integration into society and professional life.

Every aspect of school life is inspired by sound Christian values and is carefully designed to lead to the acquisition of the virtues required for a balanced personality.

By Etienne Mengnjo

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