HCIC Proprietor Prescribes Good Discipline, Academic Excellence, Cleanliness & System Of Evaluation

HCIC Proprietor Prescribes Good Discipline, Academic Excellence, Cleanliness & System Of Evaluation

The school administration, staff, and teachers of Holy Cross International College, HCIC Yaounde have been urged to step up discipline, improve academic excellence as well cleanliness and system of evaluation for teachers.

The message was echoed on August 25 in Yaounde during a one-day seminar that brought together the school administration and staff of the institution.

As the school year begins, the same objectives still remain but we must work hard to step up the discipline in the institution. Discipline is the key to a successful person and we have to do everything possible to make sure that we step up the discipline in the institution,” he said.

Concerning Academic excellence, “I want to appreciate the work that the administration and the staff did to achieve the results we had in our official examinations. It is important once you make any progress or a drop, it is good to recognize. Besides, we need to go beyond by making our students develop the culture of success in everything especially in morals.”

“Cleanliness is something we have always wanted and is natural. It has nothing to do with the level of education or riches. We have to step up the level of cleanliness especially among our students in and out of the class. That aspect must be improved upon,” he added.

The Proprietor remarked that collective teamwork among the administration and teachers was not the evident reason why it was difficult to take decisions properly. To adjust the situation, he called on the administration and the staff to make sure that communication is available.

“Collective teamwork has not been very present. This year, I hope there will be more teamwork in the staff. We need to communicate with each other. There must be up, down, horizontal and vertical flow of information,” he said.

He further said, “There must be a system of evaluation. We must make sure that we know the competencies of our teachers so as to know the basis of motivation. The administration needs to instill that because it is important.”

It is worth noting that the seminar held at the beginning of the school year has become a yearly event in the school which gives room for teachers and the administration to strategize so as to better tackle the academic year.

However, subsequent seminars will be held as each semester begins so as to evaluate the level of work.

                By Mainimo Etienne

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