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At Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross: Teachers, Students Thank God For Successes; Commit 2023-2024 Academic Year Into God’s Hands

Teachers and students of Holy Cross International College, HCIC Yaounde, have thanked God for the successes of the last academic year.

HCIC students listening to the word of God

The ceremony to thank God for the last academic year took place on September 17 at the school campus, along the Yaoundé-Akonolinga Trans-African highway 5km from Nkoabang junction.

Besides thanking God, teachers and students committed the current academic year 2023-2024 into the hands of God. They prayed and asked God to protect them as they awaited seeing His miracles within and at the end of the school year.

Speaking to Rev. Father Golden, Chaplin of the school, he said, “Today we are celebrating four events. The first one is the exultation of the Holy Cross, which also happened to be the feast day of this school. We are celebrating it today at 17 instead of 14 because of our own condition. The church gave us that opportunity to move a local feast to Sunday, which is what we have done.”

He added that the second aspect of celebration is his 14th anniversary since he was ordained on September 14. He said that on the feast day of the Holy Cross, he had his first appointment, which was with the Holy Cross. “It is somehow a twin celebration for me.”

Rev. Father Golden preaching

“The third aspect is that we are thanking God for all the successes that we recorded in the last academic year, among other things. We thank God for the wonderful success he gave us.”

“The fourth aspect is that we were committing this year into the hands of God and particularly to the cross because we know and believe it is a victorious cross, a serving cross; it is a cross that surmounts all challenges.” He added.

Talking to the teachers and the students, along with the parents who came to celebrate the day, he called on them to look up to the cross because it will always free them from many challenges.

“The message is that it is not by chance that any student finds himself or herself here. They should always look up to the cross, which is the name of this cross. That serving cross is important because it will always free them from many challenges as children who are growing up to meet a wider society. They should always look up to the cross because, as the word of God told us today, he who looks up to that cross will live,” he further said.

To the proprietor, Emmanuel Buban Ngu, “My appreciation for last year is that it was a very successful year. We had a lot of good students and a lot of situations, but we were able to manage them at the end of the school year. We are happy the results were very good, even though they were not as I expected, but all in all, they were very good. On morals and socials, we did better, and I hope that this year will be much better than last year.”

HCIC students and parents listening to God’s word

Holy Cross International College HCIC is an Anglo-Saxon Catholic-styled co-educational boarding school located on the outskirts of Yaoundé. In seeking to develop the whole child, HCIC offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities. HCIC is and remains the only secondary school in the West and Central African regions that trains its students in leadership.

Cross section of HCIC Teachers


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