With thankfulness, we say welcome, Bienvenue to this meeting of the PTA where together we shall carry out an authentic and open sharing on the life, development, achievements of our children. Planning and calling for this meeting within the Covid 19 period has not been easy. As such, we want to remind ourselves of the importance of abiding by all the measures as we interact with each other. We recognize that among us are parents who are new and attending this meeting for the first time. Welcome to our new parents and to our old parents/ sponsors, I extend warm greetings. Your presence at this meeting confirms the love and trust you have in your children and our college but also on its continuity and growth. A clear sign that we together want to enter into the vision of our proprietor while adding other values to the education and formation of your children.

The education we give to our students must be able to provide each of them with the necessary skills needed to flourish and succeed in our rapidly changing world. An education in which we strive to provide a broad-based Anglo-Saxon catholic education based on love, sound discipline Christian values, and academic excellence. For better results, we need as parents and teachers to a couple of years now, the presence of the Catholic church in our school is indicative of the fact that we want to bring in some catholic values and way of being and doing in our school. After Vatican II, the notion of school as an institution changed to school as a community of God and of Love. We strive each day to search for ways that our college will become a conducive environment for living and learning. A place where peace, love, joy, respect, collaboration, sacrifice, and concern for one another continue to grow. It is only in this kind of environment that our kids can experience physical, moral, intellectual, and emotional growth.

When parents and teachers develop effective parenting skills in school and at home, they are able to take initiative in filling the generational gap. Together we each in trying to relate well with the children must know where, when, and how to create boundaries; what and when to discourage/ encourage; while respecting and building a degree of self-esteem in each child. Every child has the potential to help our world if given the right support and guidance. As first teachers, parents have a key role in shaping the character of their children. For this to be successful, this role should not be limited to the home but extend to the child’s activities in school. As teachers, we do not only teach different subjects but we continue with parenting in and out of the classroom. While at school, we spend quality time with students, coaching, mentoring, directing, and building a community of love and respect. Thus, whether we are parents or teachers, we set at different times high expectations for the learning and behavior of our students. We play an encouraging and appraisal role, providing them with skills needed as they journey all through life.

We have each in different ways tried to continue to live with the present reality of our world. As a school, we want to thank God for protecting and keeping us free and safe from covid 19. We have not been indifferent and at all times, we continue to stay alert while respecting all barrier measures put in place. Dear parents, our college environment remains a safe place because most of you have collaborated with the school and I sincerely thank you. The safety of our children is a top priority so I am pleading with each parent not to over insist upon entering the college campus to visit your child outside visiting days. Thank you so much and I pray that we all keep and remain safe.

As parents, it is never easy to discipline our own kids at home and so taking care of close to three hundred students from the different family backgrounds is never easy. As a school community, we have tried to guide, direct, teach and correct them using different corrective measures. A disciplined child is the pride of not only the parents but also the college and society. Please parents take time to talk with your children. Carryout conversation with them on topics like sexuality, drugs, possible adolescent crisis, technology, and impacts, and when possible monitor the films they watch. These are some of the areas we have identified and while we get experts to work with the students, we encourage parents to contribute when the children are with them at home. I want to thank those parents who have helped and continue to assist us in the line of discipline as we play our unique roles in the upbringing of these children. This year, we have had to send some students on maximum suspension for brutality and after several warnings, we had an unfortunate situation that led to the dismissal of an upper sixth student.

The students are generally healthy and well-fed as we try to provide them with a balanced diet. We are aware of the fact that most of them are blessed with an appetite as such we pay attention to quantity and quality as we prepare and serve their food in a very safe and clean environment.

Our children enjoy good health thanks to the presence of a resident school nurse and the college Doctor, Dr. Julia Buban Ngu. Their presence and love for the students are seen in the reduced number of students sent out to the hospital for medical care. We sincerely thank them for being there for us all. We continue to plead with parents to always send students back to school with malaria treatment and also call on parents to avoid taking students out for appointments that could be done during holidays. We discourage at all times any form of distraction especially because of the negative effects on the academics of our students. Also, I will like to draw the attention of all parents to please provide prescriptions for medications that you send to school. The college doctor and nurse will need that for a follow-up while the students are at school.

Words are never enough to say thank you to each parent for the support we receive from individuals and through the PTA. Our God will reward you and the success of our children is sure. Last month, we had an emergency with regards to our electrical pump. Through the PTA exco, the parents had it replaces. Thank you, so much dear parents, for being there for your children and us all. We shall always turn to you for support and assistance as we present the following projects which will go a long way to boost our health and results:

Improved water supply at boy’s dormitories
Reagents for the science laboratory
More Staff residence on campus

We shall receive with thankfulness from individual parents and families and all supports will be acknowledged. Thank you so much for your generosity.

By Sr Constance

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