“We differentiate ourselves from other schools because we admit even students who are slow learners or are academically weak and we bring them up on a one-to-one approach”

We all know that a school is mostly judged by its academic performance. Our goal is to make every student achieve his/her God-given potential in academics. We identify students who need individual special revision classes and we try as much as possible to help them.

In Holy cross international college (HCIC), our students have the opportunity to go to Britain every year for a summer school programme and mix with students from other parts of the world.

We make the difference in:

  • A one-to-one follow-up of our students
  • Limited class size of maximum 35 students
  • Modern spacious dormitories and classrooms
  • A qualified and dedicated staff
  • Equipped Library, Computer and Science Laboratories
  • A Multi-purpose spoting complex
  • Conducive Atmosphere for Studies
  • A Chaplain to ensure good Christian moral upbringing
  • Affordable fees with textbooks, official uniforms and medical care on campus included
  • Interaction with students from 8 different countries
  • Good medical care with emergency medications for common ailments, a nurse and medical follow-up by a pediatrician on campus
  • Highly charged motivational sessions for students to accompany students in their studies
  • Specially organized workshops on leadership and communication skills

Holy Cross international College, hereinafter referred to as Holy cross international college (HCIC) is a Co-education boarding Anglo-Saxon College located on more than 8 hecters of real estate property along the Yaoundé-Akonolinga Trans-African highway.

Accessibility to and from Holy cross international college (HCIC) is facilitated by the tarred road linking the centre and the Eastern Regions of Cameroon. Just thirty minutes drive at a 50km/H speed can lead anyone to the discovery of the gigantic edifice of this ultra-modern academic sanctum, citadel of academic excellence and centre for virtue.

The college combines traditional and biblical family norms with contemporary classical values in learning to curb “value clash” and the ever-existing generation gap between the “ancient” and ‘modern’ standards. Thus as such, schools students with the competence of contemporary leadership from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.

Holy Cross international College is a Co-educational lay-private boarding School offering a broad-based 1st and 2nd Cycles curriculums. It is divided into 4 echelons; Junior Secondary (Forms I and II), Intermediate (Form III) Senior Secondary (forms IV and V) and High School (Lower and Upper Sixth; Arts and Science). Both the Arts and Science orientations are promoted and taught at HCIC. Students in the Senior Secondary take the Cameroon Ordinary levels G.C.E Certificate Examination in (FV). High School student sit for the Advanced level equivalence of the aforementioned certificate examinations in lower and Upper Sixth respectively.

The College hosts amenities that serve HCIC for the social and intellectual welfare of the students. Some of facilities include two dormitories (with beds and study locker for boys and girls), Classrooms (with lockers) Table tennis and Gym hall, Volley ball court, football pitch, a college Library a computer laboratory, internet, a refectory, pipe borne water, sick bay, a kitchen and emergency First Aid and evacuation services

With the exception of French Language, and on-campus communication is exclusively by the use of standard English. Pidgin English is strictly prohibited as a means of communication either among students or staff.

Admission of students is based on the study of previous grades and level of studies, characteristics of the entering student, cognitive ability, age, and performance in the placement test and the output of the Oral interview accorded to the student. Applications received prior to published deadline are an advantage such preference can only be accorded upon the recommendation of the Admission Board.

The professional teaching staff (Tutors and Assistant Tutors) is drawn from abroad and the local community . Our teachers hold faculty of education, university degrees, professional teaching qualifications from Ecole Normale superieur (ENS), prior teaching experience as well as long-standing GCE marking experience.

Textbooks are selected from the Cameroon GCE Board prescriptions the IGCSE approved textbooks from Oxford and Cambridge University Presses Japanese oriented books and orders from the United states of America on Science, Social studies Astronomy Aeronautics etc.

The college is governed by the Board the supreme organ that approves all policies, budget and reports. The Administration ensures the efficient functioning of the College with the collaboration of team leader and facilitators in the supervision of instructions, teacher evaluation, the overall functioning and growth of the college

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