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No 10/13/14/ C/ HCIC/ YDE/ CAM

Considering parents’ requests, school fees have been restructured into one global amount. Parents shall be required to do unique payment or in installments as outlined below:

Unique Payment: First Cycle: 1 000 000 CFA Frs.
Second Cycle: 1 000 000 CFA Frs.

NB: It is advisable to pay all fees at once.

  • First Cycle students [F1, F2, F3, F4, & F5) should pay a minimum of 650,000 frs before the reopening date.

  • Second Cycle students [L6 & U6) should pay a minimum of 750,000frs before the reopening date.

  • All fees (F1, F2, F3, F4, & L6) must be completed latest 30th November , 2018.

All fees for Form 5 & Upper Sixth must be completed latest 31st October , 2018.

  • Name of Account: Holy Cross International
  • Bank code: 10005
  • Guichet Code: 00001
  • Account Number: 03951351001
  • Cle Rib: 01
  • Code Swift: CCEI CMCX
  • Address: Hipprodrome Yaounde

    Fees structure first cycleFees structure second cycle
  • The Name of Student and Class should be used as the person depositing the fee./ Le nom de l’élève et sa classe doivent être utilisés pour celui du dépositaire.

  • The Account Name and Number should be filled by the parents and not bank agents. Only the account indicated above is the school account. Holy Cross has other accounts which are not school accounts./ Le nom et numéro du compte doivent être remplis par les parents et non pas les employés de la banque.

  • A copy of the receipt of bank payment should be deposited in school or sent to the college email hciccameroon@gmail.com/ Veuillez remettre une copie du reçu de versement à la direction du collège ou bien l’envoyer par email hciccameroon@gmail.com

  • The college will not be responsible for money deposited in the wrong account./ Le collège ne sera pas responsable pour tout versement fait dans un autre compte

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