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No 10/13/14/ C/ HCIC/ YDE/ CAM

Considering parents’ requests, school fees have been restructured into one global amount. Parents shall be required to do unique payment or in installments as outlined below:

Unique Payment: First Cycle: 950 000 CFA Frs.
Second Cycle: 1 000 000 CFA Frs.

Payment in installments:

Description Amount Deadline
Deposit: Form 1 200 000 CFA Frs. April 26, 2016
First Installment
(Forms 2 to U6th)
First Cycle: 200 000 CFA Frs.
Second cycle: 250 000 CFA Frs
April 26, 2016 / July 1, 2016
Second Installment 550 000 CFA Frs.
plus Examination Dues
September 1, 2016
Third Installment 200 000 CFA Frs. October 1, 2016

    NB:All students shall be required to pay a compulsory fee of five thousand (5 000) CFA frs for the Multimedia Center.

    Parents and guardians are further informed as follows:

  • Students shall receive free medical care or treatment on campus. But parents or guardians shall take responsibility for any hospitalization at the Fouda Clinic for severe cases.
  • An optional fifty thousand (50 000) refundable Medical Deposit shall be required of each student for urgent hospitalization at the Fouda Clinic, in case parents are unavailable. Students with Insurance do not need a Medical Deposit but should keep the college Medical Doctor informed and photocopies of the Insurance submitted.
  • Uniforms shall be given to all new students once on admission into Holy Cross. But every student, both new and old, shall pay for their pullovers (long sleeve at 10 000). All uniform replacements shall be paid for by the students.
  • Official examination registration dues shall also be paid along with the second installment.
  • Parents who shall comply with unique payments shall have a discount of 30 000 CFA Frs. Meanwhile those who shall not meet up with the deadline for payment of registration deposit may have to incur a penalty of 30 000 CFA frs.
  • The college will not be held responsible for late student registration in case the class is full. Returning students are advised to meet up with the deadline for payment of the first installment as indicated above.
  • The re-opening date for the 2015/2016academic year, as ratified by the Minister of Secondary Education is September 1, 2015 for all classes. Any changes will be announced over the radio.


A) Specifications of the Cameroon GCE Board
1) Examination Registration Dues
Payment in installments:
O/L - Theory A/L Arts and Science–Theory
8 papers = 18 000 CFA frs 3 papers = 17 000 CFA frs,
9 papers = 19 000 CFA frs 4 papers = 19 000 CFA frs,
10 papers = 20 000 CFA frs 5 papers = 21 000 CFA frs,
11 papers = 21 000 CFA frs
Computer Practical fee 5 000 CFA frs.

    A/L Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Com. Sc. / ICT Practical fee = 5 000 CFA frs per subject, in addition to the theoretical fees.


  • All Advanced Level science students shall equip themselves with white Laboratory Coats and Dissecting sets.
  • All Form Five and Upper Sixth students (with no exception) shall be required to pay a compulsory fee of fifty thousand (50 000) CFA frs for Second Term holiday classes. Deadline: Re-opening date of the 2015/2016Second term.
  • Graduation fee for Upper Sixth students is held at thirty thousand (30 000) CFA frs; compulsory for all students, and shall be paid during the GCE registration period.
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