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“We differentiate ourselves from other schools because we admit even students who are slow learners or are academically weak and we bring them up on a one-to-one approach”

The college provides a wide range of high quality facilities within its attractive eight hectare campus. These include a general conference hall, dormitories (separately for boys and girls), a refectory, a kitchen, a design and Technology workshop, Science Laboratory, Gymnasium, Multi purpose Courts yard, drama plaza, Library, Music suite and Orchestra, Chapel, sisters’ Home, staff lodging, transportation facilities, classroom lockers, canteen audio visual and audio-lingual aids;

A few of the above listed are highlighted below:


Gym facilities are complemented by extensive grounds and courts enable students to engage in a wide range of physical education and sporting activities. Tract events (athletics, acrobatics, cycling field events (football, volleyball, basketball etc) are the priority of HCIC extracurricular activities. Individual and team disciplines are encouraged through sponsorship and excellence awards.

Hence, there exist an Olympic stadium, (football, Rugby, Cricket) a multipurpose stadium consisting : a volleyball court, a basketball court, a Lawn tennis court, Handball court Cycling tracts, and two Table tennis boards.

The Library and Science Laboratory

The College library has several volumes in both circular and Christian literature. The Library is among the best in the country as its Literature is a composition of local, Afro-Caribbean Asian and Western Literature. The Library is open to both teachers and students as a resource centre and as such, all are free to the consultation and borrowing of textbooks, tapes, visual and audio aids according to the regulations in force and usage of the Library Card.

Audio-visual and audio-lingual aids also spar learning in students and eases the impartation of knowledge to students. It is in fact, as innovative indelible print on the minds of learners. The Science Laboratory would serve the Stimulation of Conventional minds in research and empirical knowledge.


Holy Cross International College possesses a sick bay for the administration of first aid treatment. Such treatments are handled by a resident staff member who has been trained and has acquired experience in nursing. In case of an emergency, HCIC would arrange for evacuation to its affiliated specialized clinic Fouda in Yaoundé and then let parents know of the situation as soon as possible for the payment of consultation, hospitalization fees vis-à-vis the purchase of drugs.

HCIC nurse does neither consults, diagnose ailments nor recommend laboratory tests; as such, parents are expected to react promptly to information of ill health, submit the addresses of their family doctors, or submit a legal authorization permitting the physician of the College to consult, request tests and prescribe drugs for their children.

Due to the fact that parents or guardians may be away when their children are sick, fees include a medical deposit which take care of all medications administered in school. Parents are responsible for any stay in the Hospital.


The refectory constitutes a kitchen and a restaurant working for the welfare and nutrition of students. HCIC students are offered, and have a right delicious 3 square meals a day at the College refectory. (Breakfast, lunch, supper) Plates, cups cutleries etc are provided by the College and washed after meals by kitchen aides. All these services are paid for by the boarding fee of each student.

HCIC refectory also run a canteen where staff and students can purchase basic needs as pens, books, rulers, pastries, sweet drinks, water etc. however, students are strictly prohibited from purchasing meals from the canteen.


There are two dormitory blocks; the boys and the Girls located about 75 metres apart; each dormitory has a capacity of 21 bunk beds, a TV Set, 21 reading tables, 10 flushing toilets, 10 showers, a box room, a TV suite and 21 wardrobes.

Each dormitory is supervised by a dormitory Master (Boys) or Mistress (Girls), who resides with the students, controls their sanitation, ensures completion of assignments, takes attendance and helps with directives and orientation.

Cleaning of the dormitory is the sole responsibility of the students. However, disinfection is done each Saturday by the HCIC cleaning staff.


Students themselves wash and iron their uniforms and personal effects. Uniforms are washed each Friday afternoon. However, students can launder their personal effects at will. In the case whereby students, and parents do not wish their children to wash their uniforms and personal effects themselves, as affiliated launderette (WILLEX EXPRESS PRESSION) would do at the expense of the student’s yearly, refundable Launder Deposit of fifty thousand francs (CFA 50 000F). students shall be updated on the balance of this deposit so that they can pay again if the first deposit is running out. Receipts on such expenditure are kept in the file of each students for proof and accountability.

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