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Admission into Holy Cross International College is based strictly on Merit; academic excellence and moral rectitude as the main characteristics of the entering students. Special conditions may apply to certificate Examination Classes (FIV, FV, L6, and U6).

Recommendation for admission shall be made by the Admission council, and approved of rejected by the Principal. HCIC would first consider all registration files received within published deadlines; and in case it does not meet the required enrolment per class, consider late entries. In the event where application files surpass the number of places available, the following criteria shall take pr-eminence.

Academic Excellence.

Examination of special conditions that compels the applicant to attend HCIC (medical, physical, psychological) Placement of HCIC as the first choice among other Colleges and Secondary Schools and sat for the Entrance Test; Age differentials (priority to the younger applicant) students admitted into HCIC as well as those denied admission shall in writing be notified of the decision of the Admission of council.

Admission Requirements

Admission into all classes shall be sought and confirmed through the verification to previous results, Entrance test and the payment of School fees; the following documents must be submitted to the Secretariat latest 30th June

    A file jacket comprising:

  • - A photocopy of birth certificate
  • - 04 passport size photograph (not more than 3 months old)
  • - A copy of medical certificate of fitness or otherwise
  • - Vaccination certificates of Typhoid, meningitis, and Yellow fever
  • - Certified cop of previous results Booklets, Amplitude Test Grades (By former principal)
  • - Accident insurance
  • - A completed HCIC Registration Form.
  • - Transfer certificate (Transfer cases)
  • - Result slip of HCIC Entrance Tests.
N.B. All application files shall be duly registered. All unregistered files shall not be processed.

Confirmation of Admission

Applicant who receive Admission Letters from HCIC must confirm their places latest 30th June 2013 by paying the following non-refundable fees; fee = CFA 200 000F at the college bank account N°—————– Submission of copy of receipt to the Bursar of HCIC. Furnishing of: – 04 toilet tissues. – 01 ream of papers. – 01 sweeping brush N:B. Only applicants who fulfill these confirmation requirements shall be entitled to a copy of the prospectus.

Transfer from other Schools

All students transferring from other schools must provide accurate and true School records and transfer testimonials at the time of admission. All records must be in English. Applicants in Certificate Examination Classes must show apt proof that they are either repeating the Class or have been duly promoted to the level. HCIC reserves the right to deny admission of students expelled from other Schools for academic, disciplinary or other reasons. Students falsifying records or failing to provide accurate information at the time of registration will be denied enrolment and or continuation of attendance.

Other Admission cases

Students entering HCIC must not be impaired in any of the four sense organs (hearing, speaking, vision, feeling) Consequently HCIC shall not admit deaf, dump, or blind candidates on the reason that it does not offer such special education. Students with difficulties in the English Language and other learning disabilities may not be admitted unless they show proof of enrolment and improvement at accredited English as a Second Language centre or home tutors such preference ma be accorded if the said student is not a boarder.
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