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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparations, hard work and learning from failure. (Colin Powell)

One of our goals in HCIC is to give our students the academic and personal confidence to succeed beyond our gate and in life. We do this by not only educating the mind but also the body and spirit, knowing fully well that a complete person is made of body, soul and spirit.

We believe that parents are the primary educators in the formal and informal education of their children. We also believe that HCIC parents, students, and staff all have a shared responsibility in creating a safe and nurturing community that enable all students to learn. As such, siblings, guardians, sponsors, grand parents are always welcomed at HCIC to see their children after mass on Sundays. To encourage the partnership between parents, students and staff, we work hard to keep communication channels open with our website, emails and regular up dating

We believe in faith action. All HCIC students and their families have opportunities throughout the year to share God's love with the wider community through acts of charity and compassion. Its truly a blessing to watch our children demonstrate a living faith as they experience their love of others through service. Recently we had an academic cum extra curricular activities with the RAIN FOREST and AMERICAN SCHOOL in Yaoundé.

In seeking to develop the whole child, HCIC offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities. HCIC is and remains the only secondary school in West and Central Africa regions that train its students in Leadership. Your child (our student) can choose from many different functional clubs on campus ranging from drama, journalism, arts, environmental, music, science etc clubs. You need to hear them - our students - animate, lead the choir during Sunday Eucharistic celebrations. Our recent Summer Holiday Classes in Great Britain with BROOKE HOUSE COLLEGE England is just an iceberg. In fact HCIC is not just a place to be but an institution to experience

Motto: Education for life and Leadership

Holy Cross International College HCIC is an Anglo-Saxon Catholic-styled co-educational boarding school located at the outskirts of Yaoundé, precisely in Akok, 5km from Nkoabang junction on the Yaounde –Bertoua road. It is located over a 21 hectares land surface. It was created in 2008 and opened by ministerial degree No: 216/10MINESEC/SG/DESG/SDSEPEG/SEPSG of 15th October 2010. With 7years of existence, the college presents students for the Cameroon GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels. It provides an ideal environment for the balanced formation of emerging youths and trains both boys and girls into responsible adulthood.


Our vision is to provide an education for life and leadership within the context of love, sound discipline, Christian values and Academic Excellence. By means of a broad-based and skill-oriented Anglo-Saxon education, HCIC targets the intellectual, moral and social development of students in view of their integration into society and professional life.

Every aspect of school life is inspired by sound Christian values and is carefully designed to lead to the acquisition of the virtues required for a balanced personality.

The college combines traditional and biblical family norms with contemporary classical values in learning to curb “value clash” and the ever-existing generation gap between the “ancient” and ‘modern’ standards. This as such, schools students with the competence of contemporary leadership from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds


    The mission of Holy Cross International College is to ensure that all its students:
  • acquire broad-based knowledge,
  • inculcate the spirit of hard work, discipline and moral rectitude.
  • demonstrate analytical skills,
  • achieve genuine high academic performance,
  • Instill the urge of leadership and
  • overcome personae-social challenges as global citizens for future stewardship via broad-based flourishing curricula.


HCIC aims at attaining academic excellence, moral rectitude and a balanced personality of its students through Assiduity, Discipline and Responsibility. We strive to Inspire in our students a passion for learning and a reading culture that will broaden their minds and prepare them for active citizenship. The college combines traditional values as the foundation of its success in classical education and propagates to develop clear moral and spiritual values in its students

  • Achievement is indexed on hard work, participation, innovation, accountability and self-discipline.
  • They provide an enabling environment for students of all capacities so that learners can attain their full potential;
  • Virtue and excellence are rewarded and vice and indolence discouraged.
  • Students develop analytical, investigative, corroborative and argumentative perception and appreciation of facts.
  • Virtue and excellence are rewarded and vice and indolence discouraged.
  • Students develop a framework of knowledge and skills needed for a broad-based understanding of the world.
  • Learners engage in meaningful and productive service
  • Students score pass grade in all tests, exams and evaluations.
  • HCIC Code of conduct is observed: virtue, discipline, moral rectitude, excellence, service and leadership.
  • Cultural, racial and religious differences are respected
  • Students appreciate the good value of money and control extravagance.


At Holy Cross International College, we believe that:

High academic expectations and positive student-teacher relationships are the cornerstone of education. Critical, creative, and independent thinking are essential components of education. Learning is a life-long process. All children can learn, but learn in different ways. The education of children is a shared responsibility between students, teachers, and parents. It is our responsibility to challenge students to discover and develop their potential. Students are motivated by a supportive environment that encourages curiosity, discovery, and problem-solving. Our school environment should enhance the development of the whole child: physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Awareness and respect for the environment is essential to meaningful global citizenship. Diversity enriches the school community; and learning from one another within the context of Cameroon is an invaluable experience for

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